Creek Critters

by Grayson Fong

With fisherman it’s all about ‘favourites’. Whether it’s a favourite fishing shirt, lures, rods or fishing spot, we are creatures of our own addiction.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s me to a tee, even down to superstitions before big tournaments. We as anglers love this stuff!!

But having favourite fishing spots we often forget that there is endless opportunities for us to fish with rivers, creeks, streams, dams, weirs or even ponds surrounding us wherever we go. My wife is adamant that I will crash my car one day while taking my eyes off the road to check out some waterway looking for opportunities to find piscatorial nirvana.

Residing in close proximity to the Moreton Bay and the Brisbane River, my list of fishing spots outnumbers potato chip varieties at Woolworths!! But finding more is part of fun and recently I have found one within walking distance of my house which some say would be gold. Here I can take a couple of hardbodies with me and spend a few hours getting away from it all, which my wife tells me ‘makes me a better person’!!


So next time you are driving home from work or cruising through a nearby suburb, be sure to be on the lookout as your local creek could be your very own nirvana….